Landscape Analysis provides an expanded understanding of your landscape: An understanding informed by natural history.

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Understanding Your Land from a Natural History Perspective

Whether as a foundation for better management decisions or out of a sense of connection with the land, many landowners have a desire to better understand its natural history - the processes that have shaped the land.
•  What did the land look like 500 years ago? 10,000 years? Several million years?
•  What geological forces have shaped the topography?
•  Why do certain plant species grow in some places but not others?
•  What human activities have left legacies on the land?

Landscape Analysis helps you 'read' your land and its history with a greater understanding of patterns and special features in the landscape and the underlying processes that have shaped them.


"Plants & People: In Search of Place and Belonging"
A natural history essay by Kerstin Lange

Kerstin Lange M.A, M.S.
802-865-8071  •  South Burlington, Vermont

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